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Is your content producing enough backlinks? Here are our five favorite tips to start ranking and making backlink connections today.

#1: Use Keywords

This is the most important rule when it comes to writing online. You don’t need to stuff keyword after keyword into your blog post, but it is important to consider what types of keywords might be relevant to your writing. You can look at free keyword tool planners online to look at the available keyword options. Then, you can use these keywords strategically in a few places within your article for best results.

#2: Use Images and Alt Tags

People like visual mediums and by adding images to your blog posts, you will automatically make your blog posts more compelling. When you add images to your blog, make sure you use the Alt tags. Alt tags are the text information available in WordPress that gets sent to the main search engines. Images are one way for potential readers to find your blog and you want to make sure that Google can include those images in their search browser.

#3: Compelling Headlines Matter

It’s easy to talk about writing headlines, but writing compelling headlines is much harder. The truth is that there is so much content available today that if your heading doesn’t “jump out” at readers then you might not get the chance to have your material read. If you can create a compelling headline, you can pull in readers.

#4: Subheadings Break Up the Page

It’s important to use subheadings when you write your blog posts and articles to break up the page. This helps Google know what it’s reading when it crawls the page and helps your blog rank in Google’s search engine. It also helps your readers love your content when it’s easier to read. Too much text without subheadings makes it difficult to read and less likely that your readers will come back to your site.

#5: Reach Out To Other Authors

This isn’t a writing tip, but it’s a critical part of marketing your blog and making sure that your content writing is seen by readers. You need to be able to connect with other authors who are writing on similar topics and who have a direct connection to something you are writing about. Why? Because if you can connect with other authors, you can both link to each other’s blogs and create backlinks. This is vital for getting your writing seen by others.

Keep these five content writing tips in mind as you write and maximize your chances of getting your blog posts and articles read. There are billions of readers out there waiting for interesting, quality material in areas that interest them. Write quality content, use keywords, compelling headlines, reach out for backlinks, and use images to share your work.